by blankpagewhitenight

symmetry is symmetry

the silence of the view.


She kept in her pocket a marble of her mother’s lot


shapes of nature the only map we need

snow forgets the land.


The ornament told them something

good words that are invisible



Think of an addiction


her lying is worse.


A white stone with a smooth hole.

Cat-guts in the wind


old Chinese man carved out of wood.


The washing could come in


and what do we tell the sun and the moon about long distance relationships?


Two hands for two eyes

areola’s selfless touch


memory’s residual conversations

Unsuspectingly Orson beamed in on their radios


the power went out but the jazz band continued


playing in candlelight.


It was love

inside a cardboard box


all the nasty little secrets

coming to the end of plain conversation.


InValhallathe bandits and samurais drank and laughed backwards


Tree eating light

Bird singing tree


The face on the cover melting.


The White Bureaucracy  carved into a desk


the organism can adjust.

Us:   17

Them:   10


Interjection: what her refrigerator said…

 become a mistaken red balloon


the deserted island

play with me drive me wild


happy to happy have.


It wasn’t love


the moviestars and Greek divinities laze poolside at the Playboy mansion.


Interjection 2: what the astronomer said…

 There is a storm called the Great Red Spot that looks like a massive eyeball

and in it you can see all these festoons.


From here how can we see the other?


My bed made for two

drunk and sick she got to say it first


We all killed something to be here

and use our imaginations.